Term Definition

An Aboriginal Woman

Refers to the original inhabitants of Canada and includes: Inuit, Métis & First Nations

An Inuit Family

Culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Canada

A Group of Metis People

Aboriginal people of Canada who trace their linage to mixed European & First Nation parentage in early Canada. European heritage is typically French or Scottish and while one thought of as separate groups, this is not true in current Métis society.
First Nation

A First Nation Woman

Communities of Aboriginal people who identify themselves as distinct cultural groups, who are the descendants of original inhabitants of Canada and areneither Inuit or Métis. Each First Nation has its own name e.g. Stó:lo Nation or Musqueam Nation.

An Indian Man

1.      A misnomer referring to the Aboriginal peoples ofNorth and South America; term originates with Christopher Columbus

2.      A derogatory term used to refer to Aboriginal peoples of North America and South America (except the USA).3.      The legally correct term describing First Nations people in Canada (status or non-status Indians).

4.      The culturally accepted term for Aboriginal people in the US.

Band A group of people living together on an Indian Reserve. Similar to “tribes” in the US.
Clan Family groups within bands and/or nations
Indian Reserve

An Indian Reserve

Specified by the Indian Act as a “tract of land, the legal title to which is vested in Her Majesty, that has been set apart by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of a band.”
Indian Act of 1876 The Act of Parliament which governs First Nations people in Canada – both status and indirectly non-status.
Assimilation The process by which one distinct group of people in society gradually become culturally indistinguishable from the majority. Similar to hegemony.
Colonization The act or process of establishing control over a country or area by a more powerful and often distant country.
Appropriation Culturally, this is the adoption of specific elements of one culture by a different, and often dominant, cultural group.
Matrilineal Lineage which is traced through the mother’s side of the family.
Patrilineal Lineage or kinship traced through the father’s side of the family
Oral Tradition Cultural material, tradition and law and transmitted orally from one generation to the next.
Agency The capacity of an individual to act in the world. The opposite might be victimization.