Women, before European settlement, were equal to men and there were no gender superiority. However, the European’s culture depicted men were superior to women, so upon their arrival to Canada, they influenced the Aboriginal society to follow such rules. Eventually, the Aboriginal women’s jobs became less of importance and replaced by technology, and soon, women became essentially lower than men. The women lost equality, rights, status, culture, economic base, power/agency, and voice.  The single Aboriginal women who have a family to support finds it extremely difficult to find a dignifying job, due to the systematic racism found in our society. Thus, they go into sex trades and do drugs and alcohol due to the environment they re forced to live in. Aboriginal women lost most of their rights way before the men did, and thus there are more Aboriginal

Demonstration Of How Many Aboriginal Women Go Into The Sex Trade

women who have committed crimes and are in jail. Not only that, today, Aboriginal women are accustomed to being raped. It has become a “norm,” in that when an Aboriginal women gets raped, nothing much is done, for it is believed (systematic racism) that when an Aboriginal women is raped, it’s perfectly fine. People even believe that it’s not considered rape since Aboriginal women are said to be “promiscuous.”