Along the coast, the climate is cold and wet with moderate temperatures.  Near the Prince Rupert area, there is hardly any Sun. Cedar is the most important resource in the region. Cedar forms everywhere and is an essential part of their culture. They use cedar for culture, clothing, etc, almost for everything, even food and basket! Not surprisingly, Coastal people live in Cedar longhouses. Big families live in these longhouses. Cedar stripping is a popular activity done by the Coastal People.

These people are associated with a fishing culture, such as fishing salmon. Not only that, there is a clear differentiation

BC Coastal People

of bands (culture). They are able to produce beautiful art, known as Haida.

The following is a list of locations within in BC:

North People – Tlingit

Queen Charlotte Island and Alaskan people – Hadai Guaii

Bella Coola- Haisla/Heiltsuk

Nass and Skeenda- Tsimshian

North Vancouver Island, Cam

pbell River- Kwakwakwa (Kwakuit)

Middle of Vancouver Island- Nwu-chah-nulth

Southern Vancouver- Cowichan. These people are very skilled in knitting sweaters by hand. They have a special stitch and their clothes are almost waterproof.

BC Coastal People Performing A Ceremony