The Candian Government Established the Bill C-31

Bill C31 was established by the Canadian government to eliminate gender-based discrimination found in the Indian Act. The basic purpose of this bill was to remove evident discrimination from the Indian Act and to restore status and membership rights to those who have lost them due to the unfairness of gender-based discrimination found in the Indian Act. Plus, this bill was issued to increase control of Indian Bands over their own affairs.

Because of this bill, many people who have been stripped of their status due to gender have regained it, and now able to receive the benefits an Indian should have. Not only that, band members who have lost status have regained them as well. In essence, this bill provided the regaining of rightful status to those who have lost them through unfair circumstances presented in the Indian Act.

This bill, as mentioned before, returns status to those who lost them unjustly.The government have extended this “status return” to the next generation after the parents. However, the offspring of the parents of the parents (3rd generation) are not eligible for this status return. So essentially, the grand-children cannot have status while their parents and grand-parents can.