Vancouver Police are involved in Aboriginal Systematic Racism

Systematic racism is when the agents of social control (school, police/prison, and government) act in racist ways. Opposite of this is individual racism, where one person discriminates against another based on race.  For example, in 2006, Aboriginal people represented 4% of the adult population in Canada, yet they accounted for 24% of adult admissions to provincial/territorial custody, 19% of admissions to remand and 18% of admissions to federal custody. This clearly suggests the racism about how Aboriginal people are more “likely” to commit crimes, where there is no actual fact or “gene” that states that they ALWAYS commit more crimes than non-Aboriginals.

The Canadian Government is Part of Our Society's Aboriginal Systematic Racism

In addition to that, national rates of suicide among Aboriginal youth are estimated to be five to six times higher than among non-Aboriginal youth. This is most likely caused by the continuous physical, verbal, sexual abuse they are constantly exposed to which causes them to commit suicide. Another example of systematic racism is when Canadians were asked to name what should be the top priority for Canadian government, just 1% felt that Aboriginal issues were the top priority. This suggests the low importance of Aboriginals Canadians feel, and the stereotypes and racism that consumes us all.