The different colours represent different ethnicities

The word “multiculturalism” is different from person to person. The dictionary definition of this word states: “the preservation of

different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.” However, this word has much more meaning than that. However, to understand this word to its fullest, we have to understand what a “melting pot” is. This term refers to how a nation assimilates all of its citizens into a particular culture; in Canada’s case, it assimilated people to become as the dominant English group. The question lies: Is Canada a melting pot or a mosaic today?

In my opinion, I believe our

nation today is a mosaic for various reasons. First and foremost, we have the Multicultural Act of 1971. This act has enabled numerous multicultural aspects to be allowed in Canada that we are unconscious of. For instance, the schools of Canada teach their students both English and French languages; this is only possible due to the Multicultural Act. Not only that, any governmental service or facility requires both English and French translation, which ultimately is possible because of this particular Act; Canada becomes “multicultural” by being bilingual. The ability to practice any religion and culture by anyone is guaranteed by the Multicultural Act (this came before freedom of religion). Not only that, the ability for different ethnicities to collaborate all

comes from this Act.

A nicely decorated Christmas tree

Of course, Canada is not a perfect mosaic. Our nation follows certain aspects that tend towards the melting pot. For example, our society is relatively still Christian-based. When Christmas arrives, almost all stores are selling Christmas trees, decorations, etc. However, if Eid (a Muslim celebration) comes, none of the stores sell anything regarding this holiday. In fact, most of the population in Canada don’t even know what Eid is. Plus, our calendar is quite Christian based, in that we get holidays of our school/work based on Christian holidays. All these aspects do demonstrate a melting pot.

In essence, Canada is neither a perfect mosaic or a melting pot. Basically, Canada is a mosaic with certain pieces missing. When we try to find and place these pieces missing, we take out other pieces already in the mosaic. We can never truly have a perfect mosaic and satisfy everyone.