Jewish people being harassed by officers

Anti-semitism. What does that word mean? It refers to the hatred or racist belief against Jews and their practices and their beliefs. Jews, in the 1940s, were regarded with much disrespect and faced much racism by Canada. Mackenzie King was highly anti-Semitic, along with Frederick, the Immigration Officer. Due to such racist perspectives, Canada received the fewest number of Jews, in comparison to Australia and the United States. There were a number of reasons as to why Canada refused entry of Jews. Firstly, Canada was experiencing the era known as the Great Depression (1930s). During this period of time, Canada’s economy was atrocious. Wages and the availability of jobs were extremely low. People feared immigrants coming to Canada would steal their jobs and lower their wages. Having the anti-Semitic view already in effect, and government official selectively choosing their immigrants, Jews were the least accepted entry into Canada.

The refugee system of Canada, comprises certain rules and regulations that seem unfair and unjust. Someone’s eligibility to be registered under the “refugee status” is judged by officers, who then refer it to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The IRB then reviews the applicant’s request to determine if he/she can be given Convention refugee status or a person in need of protection. There are number of factors that can prevent someone from becoming a refugee. For instance, if another country considers a person a refugee, he/she will not receive a refugee status in Canada. Plus, if a person arrives through the Canada-US border, he/she will not receive refugee status because of the Safe Third Country Agreement. This Agreement describes people must seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in, which we believe to be quite unfair where people are unable to move and still retain their refugee status.  If you have a criminal record of any sort, you will be rejected refugee status. In addition, if your previous refugee application was rejected, any other ones you will make will be automatically rejected by the officers or the IRB. This refugee system was not established back then during Mackenzie’s rule. Whether you were a Jew fleeing from Germany or a regular immigrant, you had the same requirements to enter Canada.

If any Jewish refugees travel across the US-Canada border, he/she loses her refugee status.