People don’t just want to leave their country and travel hundred of kilometres in harsh conditions for fun. At times, they are forced to, due to economical reasons, physical reasons (major storms), or other reasons that makes living in that particular nation difficult. Reasons as to why people left their nation and immigrate to another nation are known as push factors.

There were various countries in which people were leaving to immigrate to Canada. The following are the countries and their push factors:

A map of Europe, showing various countries where immigrants came from, such as Greece


  • Greece, at this time, was experiencing a civil war, and thus people wished to leave and settle elsewhere
  • Not only a civil war, but Greece went to war against Cypress, and once again, people seekedrefuge and immigrated to Canada
  • Diseases were rampant in this nation, particular the disease tuberculosis


  • Economy was very poor at this nation, and jobs became very hard to keep or find
  • The Philippines were under the martial law of Marcos Government in 1965
  • This nation did now have any civil liberties (civil liberties are rights and freedoms that gives an individual specific rights, such as the right to live)
  • At this time, there was no freedom of press
  • There was a huge curfew in the Philippines
  • This nation lacked various rights and freedoms, which many hated very much, and thus wanted to leave and immigrate to Canada
  • Potential Philippino immigrants could not immigrate to Malaysia, the United States of America, Spain, or Indonesia due tovarious reasons, including: being at war with these countries or the fact that European countries are eurocentric

Honk Kong

  • The population in Hong Kong was booming and eventually this nation became very overpopulated so people decided to immigrate to a new country: Canada.
  • There were British tensions in this nation
  • The Honk Kong government was communist, and many didn’t like this, so they moved elsewhere (i.e. Canada)


  • The new political leader/regime they had was disliked by many


  • The conditions left after the Second World War was devastating; economy as well as the physical structure of this nation was left unrecognizable
  • Some believe people left this nation to escape the Soviet Union
  • There was political persecution in Austria
  • The amount of taxes that were demanded by Austrians became unbelievable after the Second World War; aggressive taxes
  • Trade unions in this nation became extremely powerful


  • There were violent protests in 1968
  • This nation became from rural to industrialized in a quick period of time, resulting in land that was used for farming to disappear
  • Yugoslavians were permitted to leave their nation, whereas the other Soviet Union nations couldn’t


  • The economy went downhill and became unrest
  • Italians believed their government didn’t represent them well and wished to move to another nation
  • It took a great period of time before all the states of Italy united to become one country (i.e. there were Northern Italians, Southern Italians, etc.)
  • Southern Italians immigrated to Canada because they had little wealth and believed with the land and the economic situation in Canada, they could start a new life


  • This country faced much political trouble in the 1950s
  • There was a fascist government from 1932 to 1968; many disliked this form of government because of its unorganized form , as well as the fact that people got beat up

United States of America

  • Slavery was dominant in almost all the states, and thus Black Africans wanted to immigrate to Canada, where they could be free

    A map of the United States of America