Current Canadian immigration polices include a very important aspect: the Point System. This system was established in 1967 to heavily reduce the racist immigration policies and introduce policies that would permit people, regardless of race, to enter Canada. This regulation contains 9 criteria or factors that influence your admittance to Canada. An immigrant can score up to 100 points, with a 67-point minimum to enter Canada. These points can be acquired through various methods. The following are the criteria for point acquirement:

An example of a P.h.D certificate; this would award you with 25 points

Factor 1: Education (maximum of 25 points)

  •  If an applicant has a PhD, or Master’s, he/she receives 25 points.
  • If an applicant has two or more university degrees, he/she receives 22 points
  • If an applicant has a two-year university degree at a bachelor level, he/she receives 20 points
  • If an applicant has a one-year university degree at a bachelor level, he/she receives 15 points

Factor 2: Ability to interpret English or French (maximum of 24 points if fluent in both English and

The two official languages of Canada: French and English


  • First language: You are awarded a maximum of 4 points in the categories: Speak, listen, read, and write.
  • First language (maximum of 16 points) : High proficiency- 4,  Moderate proficiency – 3, Basic proficiency – 1-2, and No Proficiency- 0
  • Second language (maximum of 8 points): High proficiency – 2, Moderate proficiency -2, Basic proficiency 1-2, and No Proficiency- 0

Factor 3: Work experience – maximum 21 points

  • Wants at least 1 year full time experience in the past 10 years
  • These skills are categorized into 3 groups: Skill Type O, Skill Type A, and Skill Type B
  • If your work experience isn’t part of any Skill Type categories, or your experience was more than 10 years ago, your application will be rejected
  • If you have 1 year of experience, you are awarded 15 points, with an additional 2 points for every other year you work

Factor 4: Age – maximum of 10 points

  • 16 or under, you receive 0 points. After that, every year you 2 additional points (i.e. 17 years, you receive 2 points; 18 years, you receive 4 points, etc.)
  • Ages 21-49, you will receive 10 points
  • From ages 50-53, you will lose 2 points from 8 points at age 50
  • If you are 54 and over, you receive 0 points

Factor 5: Arranged employment (maximum of 10 points)

  • If the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) approves of a permanent job offering, you will receive 10 points
  • If already in Canada with a temporary work permit, and your work is approved by the HRDC, you will receive 10 points
  • If your employment in Canada is exempt from HDRC under international agreements (e.g. NAFTA), or is of great importance to Canada, you will receive 10 points

Factor 6: Adaptability

  • You will receive various number of points depending on certain aspects, such as education of your accompanying spouse, family or relative present in Canada, having arranged employment in Canada, etc.
  • You are required to have a certain amount of money to enter Canada, depending on the number of persons (e.g. 1 person will have to have a minimum of  $11, 086, whereas 4 persons will have to have a minimum of $20,599

With all these factors combined, a grand total of 100 points can be achieved by an applicant; a minimum of 67 points must be obtained to enter Canada.