Former Liberal Party Leader, Michael Ignatieff

On May 1, 2011, Canada voted for their government and their prime minister. Surprising results came out of the 2011 elections. The Liberal Party lost many seats, including Ignatieff’s seat, who after the election resignated from his position as the leader of the party. The Green Party, as a surprise to many people, received a seat this year. However, the most significant result of the 2011 elections was how the Conservative Party was elected as Canada’s majority government. For a very long time, Canada had a minority conservative government, but now, we have a majority government, which essentially means this party can do whatever they please.

Obviously, for conservative voters, this is a very good news. Finally, will things get done without any opposition. However, for all the other voters that are non-conservative, this means bad news. The nation they live in will not only be run on values that are different from theirs, but no one can stop them if it’s something extreme. This is outcome of having a majority government (i.e. things can be accomplished but at the same time, if they choose to do something drastic, no one can stop them). Prime Minster Stephen Harper, due to the outcome of this election, now has a huge amount of power.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper