Does having a Canadian Passport make me a Canadian?

When someone says “I am a Canadian,” what does it really mean? Does it refer to the passport you have? Does is refer to the Canadian Citizenship Test you passed? Or does it refer to your birth in Canada? So what’s the right answer? There is none. The term “Canadian” has no correct or wrong answer. There are infinite answers, depending on the person, where you come from, and what time period you came to Canada.

When you become a Canadian, whether its by birth or through permanent residency, you become part of history. This history contains many events and occurrences that shaped Canada into what it is today, which you would’ve read in my blog. We have discussed about the Canadian government and how and by who the nation is governed, the coming of First Nations and their debate about the Indian Act, multiculturalism, etc. All these incidents involve everyone, from the Aboriginal peoples to the French and British people. Everything that has happened in Canada are all interconnected and form what we call today “Canada.” Without the First Nations, the land we have today would not be ours. Because the First Nations found this land and maintained it well, the British became interested in this vast land and soon immigrated. Because of the settlement of the British, one of our official languages is English. Soon after, the French immigrated into Canada. Due to the large amount of French immigration, Canada became a bilingual country, such that the second language became French. Eventually, other immigrants from countries around the around began immigrating to Canada. We are continuously transforming our nation from a melting pot for which it once was to a mosaic; by given the title “Canadian” you are part of a bigger piece in the puzzle. Every single person and their heritage and culture is what makes Canada such a diverse, multicultural nation.

First Nations have shaped Canada in many ways, including artistically

So, my Martian friend, this will be the conclusion of my blog. I hope you have learned the basics of Canada and how it slowly changed through time to become what it is today. Having read this, I am hoping you have become interested in our nation and find it just as wonderful as I do.